The Art of Charles Sovek


Strong and Simple: Discovering Fairfield Porter
The Artist's Magazine - May, 1992

Enlargement of Illustration

Like a candid snapshot, The Garden Road (62 x 48) has an intimacy that would have been lost if the various forms had been overly detailed. The child and bike, for instance, have been simplified into a few poster-like tones, while the trees and distant building take on an almost stage set flatness Rather than playing up the child and bike as storytelling devices, Porter underplayed them and used them simply as shape-making pieces in his compositional puzzle. Because spontaneity was more important to the artist than correctness, Porter left no qualms about leaving the front wheel of the bicycle slightly lopsided, not to mention leaving out the spokes - all of which makes a good case for a pleasingly inaccurate statement taking precedence over a correct, yet finicky one.

"The Garden Road"