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Exhibit overview: Light, color and atmosphere have always been at the core of my approach to painting. And working under the brilliant sun in the Bahamas, I came to understand even more clearly how the act of painting from life, "en plein air" as the current fashionable phrase goes, wins hands down over trying to conjure up an image in the studio from reference material. Sketches, photos and color notes are useful and fun to explore, but getting your hands dirty out there in the light of day, fighting off bugs, humidity, and chatty onlookers, is, for me, where the action is. I hope you enjoy my current exhibit. Except for about 4 minutes of touching up glaring mistakes and another 1 or 2 signing the pictures, every work was executed entirely on location.

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"New Plymouth Streetscape, Bahamas"
Private Collection

"Vista, New Plymouth, Bahamas"
Private Collection



"Bahama Boats"
Private Collection

"Houses and Fields, Bahamas"
Private Collection



"Bahama Fruit Stand"
Private Collection

"Treasure Cay Beach, Bahamas"
Private Collection



"River Dock, Bahamas"

"Bahama Backyards"



"Boats and Palms, Bahamas"

"Guyana Cay Street Life, Bahamas"
Private Collection

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