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Exhibit overview: Whenever I feel a need to freshen up my approach I put away my colors for a few days or weeks (at the most) and focus on drawing. And while I can stand to not use color for short periods I gotta have that brush in my hands on a regular basis. So ink or wash proved the natural choice. French painter Albert Marquet, one of my heros, set the gold standard with a brush and I never fail to be inspired when studying his deceivingly simple figure and landscape works executed in brush and India ink. The drawings shown here were all done during a two week stint on Cape Cod last summer. They have never been shown before and I'm excited about sharing this not often seen side of myself to those who only know me as a painterly colorist. Enjoy.

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"Harbor Life, Provincetown"

"Wellfleet Harbor"



"Boat Launch, Wellfleet"

"Harbor Vignettes, Wellfleet"



"Beach Life, Truro"

"July, Truro"



"Route 6-A, Provincetown"

"Stormy Sky, Provincetown"

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