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Exhibit overview: You can be a little off if you paint an apple and nobody will be the wiser. You can be way off when you paint a tree or cloud and can probably still wiggle by. But If you're just a tad off when you paint a figure, it sticks out like a sore thumb. I made a living as a portrait painter for a few years and detested it! The money was great, but my creative juices were quickly overshadowed by the sheer craft required to get a good likeness. Happily, my landscapes and still lifes caught on and I was able to both pursue my artistic adventures and still pay the rent. But I continue to enjoy painting people. My way. Real people in real poses under interesting lighting conditions with only my intuition to tell me when the picture is complete.

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"The Sheriff of Marble Falls, Texas"

"Seated Model in Gallery"



"Outdoor Models, Scottsdale, Arizona"




Private Collection

"Outdoor Model with Hat"
Private Collection



"My Cat Ned"
Private Collection

"Self Portrait with Mug"
Private Collection



"Seated Model Outdoors"
Private Collection

"Punk Model Outdoors"

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