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Exhibit overview: Still life painting plays an important part of my artistic direction. As far back as art school in the 1950s, I looked forward to still life class and was blessed with some excellent teachers. The important thing I came away with was to think less of what I was painting and more about the quality of relationships. In other words, form over content.

I also prefer to paint live things over dead things. Dueling pistols, stuffed owls or dusty statues of Mozart never really turned me on. Whereas flowers, fruit, vegetables or most anything else my wife pulls out of a shopping bag after a trip to the market really piques my interest.

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"Yellow Apples"
Private Collection

"A Basket of Gourds"
Private Collection



"Fruit and Flowers"
Private Collection

"Avocado, Apples and Orange"
Private Collection



"Valentine Bouquet"
Private Collection

"Still Life With Plant"
Private Collection



"Orange and Knife"
Private Collection

"Plaid Hat Still Life"
Private Collection



"Still Life With Straw Hat"
Private Collection


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