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Exhibit overview: My love affair with gouache has a lot to do with its unique properties of permitting the splashy wetness of a watercolor as well as the juicy opacity of an oil. My choice in brands has been Winsor & Newton Designer's Gouache, which have been available for decades and are still the state of the art colors for serious devotees. If you've never tried working with these deliciously rich pigments, you could be in for a real eye opener. I hope you enjoy the show.

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"The Lobster Pot"
Private Collection

"SoHo Café"



"Backyard Vignette"
Private Collection

"A Pink Cottage"
Private Collection



"Catalina Hillside"
Private Collection

"Still Life with Pots and Mugs"



"Still Life with Bowls and Statue"
Private Collection

"Still Life with Concertina"
Private Collection



"Greenwich Village Backstreet"
Private Collection

"Bobbing Boats"
Private Collection

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