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Exhibit | "Colorful Indoor Encounters"

Exhibit overview: I tell students that it doesn't matter wether you live in a MacMansion, double-wide, apartment or tract home, when the weather gets cold, there's plenty of pictorial material at hand. My first book was titled "Painting Indoors" and ever since, the cold weather months have been my time to chase the light, color and ambience of my home. I must thank my wife Peggy for never throwing away anything. Like myself, we are true collectors and wading through our combined goodies is like discovering a new landscape terrain. The paintings presented here represent my efforts so far this year. Batting average wise, there's probably one dud for every gem. But that's the sport. Enjoy.

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"Green Sofa"

"Kitchen Table Still Life"
Private Collection




"Dining Room Interior"



"Peggy's Pitchers"

"Living Room Interior"



"Still Life with Violin"

"Peggy's Desk"
Private Collection



"3 Pears"
Private Collection

"Bowl of Fruit"
Private Collection

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