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Exhibit | "Season's End at Land's End"

Exhibit overview: The declaration "Land's End" was never more suitable than to the outlying Cape Cod communities of Provincetown and Truro. Sixty miles out into the ocean, the air is bracing and the light spectacular. Happily, the ambience, while gussied up since the days when Thoreau took his fabled hike, still smacks of its Portuguese origins with events like the Blessing of the Fleet continuing as an annual event. This is my 20th season painting the outer Cape and I still continue to tingle with anticipation when finding still another undiscovered motif to paint. All the works are done on location in a single session with catching the ever changing effects of light and color as my prime motivation.

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"Pamet River Meadow"

"Route 6 to Boston"



"Sunlight, Provincetown Center"
Private Collection

"Back Road to the Pamet River"



"Fleeting Clouds, Truro"

"Storm Clouds, Truro"



"Cottage Laundry, Truro"
Private Collection

"North Truro Vineyard"
Private Collection



"Seasoned Reeboks"

"Saltbox Cottages, Truro"

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