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Exhibit | "Autumn Delight: New Oils and Acrylics"

Exhibit overview: I painted my first Autumn landscape in the fall of 1954. A friend and I hitchhiked to a rural upstate Pennsylvania location that had a great trout stream. On an impulse, I took a set of Prang watercolors left over from a high school project and while Don fished, I painted. The result wasn't half bad either, at least for a teenager with zip amount of experience. But the die might have been cast just then because I desperately wanted to repeat the experience. And I have continued repeating the experience for these past 50 years and hope to continue my sublime pursuit.

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"Still Life with Basket, Corn and Gourds"

"Still Life with Pumpkin and Gourds"



"Still Life with Corn, Pumpkin and Gourd"

"Still Life with Basket and Gourds"



"Autumn Trees and Rooftops"

"Turning Leaves"



"Autumn Leaves and Stream"

"Still Life with Corn and Pumpkin"



"Autumn Streetscape"

"Autumn Street Life"

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