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Exhibit | "Cape Light: Color Me Bright"

Exhibit overview: Color and light are really what make my artistic life go around. The game usually begins in early May and can run as late as early December, all dependent on what the weather has in store for New England. Beaches are always fertile, but so are streets, rivers and harbors. Woods offer possibilities as do the wonderful dunes which proliferate in the Provincetown landscape. I painted over 100 pictures so far this season and there's still well over a month to bag a couple dozen more. So all in all it's been a fine year. The 10 works represented in this exhibition represent some of my best efforts of the year so far. Enjoy.

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"Route 6-A"

"2 Wellfleet Boats"
Private Collection



"Corn Hill Vista"
Private Collection

"Beach Light, Truro"
Private Collection



"Dune Woods, Provincetown"

"The Yellow House, Provincetown"



"Houses, Provincetown Center"

"Festival Flags, Provincetown"
Private Collection



"Meadow Marsh"

"October Light on the Pamet"

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