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Exhibit | "The Enchanted Island of Maui"

Exhibit overview: When you get off an airplane and have a person walk up and throw a garland of orchids around your neck you know you're in a special place. For a New Englander, Hawaii was like no other experience I've ever had. Water the color of turquoise, lush hills being kissed by equally lush clouds. Vistas to die for with a painting around every turn in the road. My only lament was that my tubes of color couldn't have been punched up even brighter so as to catch the remarkable ambience permeating these truly enchanting islands.

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"Mountain Vista, Maui"
Private Collection

"Outback Buildings, Maui"
Private Collection



"Banyan Tree, Maui"

"Maui Shoreline"



"Houses and Field"

"View of Maui"
Private Collection



"Beach Life, Maui"
Private Collection

"Grandma's Store, Maui"



"Maui Garden"

"Bathing on the Rocks"
Private Collection

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