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Exhibit | "Peaked Roofs and a Salty Breeze"

Exhibit overview: What medium a painter uses can vary all over the place. My favorites are oils, acrylics, gouache, and watercolor with an occasional pastel stretch when I'm in the mood. The paintings shown here are all gouache works. I've been using gouache for the last few months and just may continue. My wife Peggy has observed that I usually stick with a medium until I get bored. This is a good observation. I've been working in gouache for the past couple of months. And who knows where it will go. Perhaps my next show will be oil. But isn't it the unpredictability of painting that makes it such a wonderful endeavor?

All the paintings shown here, painted in the early weeks of this May, are gouache and I trust you will enjoy them.

Click on the image to see a larger version with more information about the painting.

"Victorian Green, Provincetown"

"A Tree Down in Provincetown"
Private Collection



"Misty Morning on the East end"

"Foggy Afternoon on the West End"



"Tourists, Provincetown Center"

"Gallery Row, Provincetown"
Private Collection



"East End Elders"
Private Collection

"Fishing Dingy, Wellfleet Harbor"



"Beach Cottage, Provincetown"
Private Collection

"Spring, Wellfleet Center"
Private Collection

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