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Exhibit | "May Days"

Exhibit overview: Sisley and Pissarro probably captured the coming of Spring as well as any of the Impressionists. Monet did great fields of flowers, not to mention his own garden at Giverny, but he never got the subtle delicacy of the bloom that Spring ushers in. Approaching us like a shy child's hand reaching for a loved one, it's truly a beautiful time of year and I trust my new works reflect my pleasure in reveling in the essence of this magical time of year.

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"Spring Light, Gallery Row"

"Back Porch Buds"


"Commercial Street Morning"

"The Red House"
Private Collection


"Sunny Backyard"

"Backyard Bluebells"


"Dunes, Provincetown"
Private Collection

"Springtime on the Creek"

"Spring Vista"

"After a Spring Rain"
Private Collection

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