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Exhibit | "Wet & Splashy"
New Watercolors of Flowers and Things

Exhibit overview: Long before I embraced oil painting, watercolor were my paints of choice. I recall copying the work of the English painter Ernest Haslehust way back in my teens. Haslehust mesmerized me with his outstanding renditions of landscapes, streets and still life, which he handled with both accuracy and a born painter's sensitivity to the medium. Later I discovered other giants like Homer and Sargent and Edward Hopper. Yet even today, I still can leaf through my dog-eared copy of Haslehust's book "I Wish I Could Paint" and get a glow of pleasure studying his timeless approach to the difficult medium of watercolor. May the following 18 images pass on some of the same buzz that I felt in painting them directly from life.

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"Carnations and Mums"
Private Collection

"Two Vases of Flowers"

"Still Life with Flowers and Lilac Pitcher"



"A Coffee Can of Flowers"
Private Collection

"Wine Bottle and Glass"

"Bananas and Pepper"



"Lamp on Cluttered Table"


"Interior with Flowers on Chair"



"Two Pears"

"Three Bottles and a Clothes Pin"

"Two Pairs of Scissors"



"Flowers in Colorful Vase"

"A Vase of Flowers"

"Five Eggs and a Green Pitcher"

"Flowers and Cuttings"

"Still Life with Stuffed Animals"
Private Collection

"Apples and Mug"
Private Collection

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