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Exhibit overview: If variety is the spice of life, change, innovation and risk are what propels a painter's world to go around. For some time, now, I've been interested in welding together my two loves: pattern and form. A seemingly simple task to describe, few understand the astonishing complexity involved in such a marriage. Form is about our sense of touch and involves the capture of the weight, breath and dimension of the objects in a picture. Pattern entails seeing colors and shapes as interesting compositional arrangements. After a summer of experimentation I painted a series of works that come as close as I've gotten so far into this fascinatingly new visual terrain. The paintings in this display are a few sign posts showing some scenes along the way. I hope to explore more deeply into this wonderful world of "touch and see," and will be reporting back about my adventures along the way.

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"Monhegan Backyards"

"Breezy Boats, Monhegan Island"
Private Collection



"Cove, Monhegan Island"

"Port Clyde Harbor"
Private Collection



"Headland Rocks, Monhegan Island"
Private Collection

"Little Pamet River, Truro"
Private Collection



"Bradford Street, Provincetown"
Private Collection

"Field and Houses, Monhegan Island"
Private Collection



"Stormy Harbor, Provincetown"
Private Collection

"Boats, Wellfleet Harbor"
Private Collection

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